At 614Startups, we believe that entrepreneurship has the potential to create a better world and that Columbus, Ohio will become the global capital for startup growth and innovation. 

With this as our mantra, we are building a digital media company that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to tell their story and for startups to increase their brand awareness. Our goal is to become the leading source for startup news and interviews in Columbus.



The 614Startups Podcast features some of Columbus’ top startup founders and investors discussing their journey from Idea to Scale to Impact.  

Explore our video content for interviews and tutorials on how to take your startup to the next level.

The 614Startups Blog is where Columbus’ startup thought leaders share their ideas and experiences.




Founder & Host

Elio Harmon is the Founder of 614Startups and the Host of the 614Startups Podcast. Born in Liberia, Elio and his family immigrated to the U.S. seeking refuge due to a brutal civil war that ravaged the small West African country. Spurred on by a love of Columbus, Ohio, it’s burgeoning startup ecosystem and a passion for entrepreneurship, 614Startups was founded in 2017 to be the companion storytelling platform documenting Columbus’ rise as the country’s next great startup capital.