Elio interviews Will Zell, Co-Founder & CEO of Nikola Labs. Nikola Labs is a wireless power company whose vision is to facilitate electricity next great act by becoming the leading global provider of the wireless power specifically for Internet-of-Things (IoT). Will shares some his experiences building Nikola Labs and we discuss the future global prospects for this technology.

Elio interviews Nick Potts, Co-Counder and CEO of ScriptDrop. ScriptDrop is a healthcare IT company that has automated the prescription delivery process for pharmacies and is moving rapidly towards attaining their goal of making prescriptions more accessible for patients.

Elio interviews Phil George, CEO of MentorcliQ. MentorcliQ is an employee mentoring platform that can be used to connect employees with mentors to maximize the effectiveness of professional development programs.

Elio interviews Falon Donahue, CEO of VentureOhio. VentureOhio's mission is to increase access to capital, foster collaboration to tell Ohio's story in order to accelerate innovation, job creation, and wealth generation.

Elio interviews Andre Mileti, Head of Sales and Marketing with EmployStream. EmployStream is a software company that helps staffing companies onboard and engage their employees at scale.

Elio interviews Dan Walton, Co-Founder of ETHEX. ETHEX is a software company that allows consumers to trade digital assets in Ethereum, a blockchain app platform.

Elio interviews Jason Hipsher, CEO of Hipsher Enterprises, who has been a part of the Columbus startup community since the early days. Jason has a strong operations background, including operations strategy, staffing, scaling, and workflow automation. Jason is currently working on a behavioral health startup and application. Check out what Jason has to say about the future of his startup!

Elio interviews Michael Maher, Founder and CEO of Three Firefighters LLC, a startup focused on improving firefighter safety. Three Firefighters is currently developing their first product, The DoorBoss, that could significantly increase firefighters' ability to control airflow while fighting flames inside a building.

Elio interviews Ian Bowman-Henderson, Director of Marketing for DOMedia, a leader in the advertising industry and he drops gems about the world of billboard advertising.

Elio interviews Matt Huddleston, EVP and CTO of Enable Injections. Enable Injections develops and manufactures devices that allow patient self-administration of high volume/viscosity drugs.

Elio interviews Summer Crenshaw, Co-Founder of tilr. tilr uses an algorithm that intelligently matches matches skills to job requirements, rather than keywords and titles. This allows tilr to automate the recruitment process.


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  • Elio Harmon